Do you want to be a podcast guest? Do you need guests for your podcast?

Look no further. Here’s my updated for 2024 list of podcast guest booking agents and directories and I’ve used all of them!

Becoming a guest on a podcast can improve authority within your industry, sell books, get leads and generally make you more popular. The hard part is finding podcasts to appear on.

The same goes for the podcast host. They’re looking for quality guests to help entertain and grow their audience. The hard part is finding quality guests.

This is where a podcast guest booking agent or directory comes in handy.

If you want the full-service approach then head over to a podcast guest booking agent. They do differ but generally, they’ll produce a One Sheet or Biography for the guest, find podcasts for you to appear on, make the introductions and sometimes the actual bookings.

If you want more of a DIY and cheaper approach then check out the Podcast Guest Directories below. You’ll have to write your own bio, search for podcasts to appear on and make contact yourself. It’s a bit more work but these services are much cheaper.

The list below only includes services that I’ve worked with and booked guests through. It’s not just a Google search. I’ve had contact with all of the services listed below.

Podcast Guest Booking agents

In my opinion, this is the best approach if you want to appear on quality podcasts. They can cost as much as or more than £1000 per month but you’ll have your own agent who will book you on the right podcasts. Agents tend to create bio’s for you and manage bookings.

Speak On Podcasts

As a podcast host, I’ve featured guests from Speak On Podcasts many times and always with success. They are professional, efficient and organised which is exactly what I need. They also follow up on recordings every now and then to make sure that things went well which is a nice touch.

They found me, Skyler Reeves, for an episode on marketing topic clustering, Brad Smith who spoke about becoming more creative as a marketer, and I’ve even interviewed Mark Colgan the CEO of Speak on Podcasts about B2B content marketing strategies.

Check out their website to find out what you get and how much.

Podcast Bookers

I’ve booked quite a few guests through Podcast Bookers and they always seem to send me pitches for guests that are right for my podcast. I don’t have to say no very often.

Episodes I’ve recorded using their recommended guests include a chat with Tim Brown about improving website lead generation and a fabulous episode with Jennifer Shaheen about digital transformation.

Check their website for what you get and how much.


One of the first booking agencies I worked with was Kitcaster and over the years I’ve recorded many of the guests they’ve pitched to me. I’ve found them professional and efficient and the guests have always matched my podcast.

I had a great chat with one of their guests, Peter Limburg who talked about the future of business networking and Erica Maurer who chatted about staging high quality virtual events.

Check out their website for what you get and how much.

The Expert Bookers

I’ve just booked two guests from Expert Bookers and the process went well, I got everything I needed to arrange and research the episode and had no issues.

The first episode was with Jon Lightfoot about the confusing world of link building and the other was with the very professional and great-sounding Shania Clarke about marketing strategies for real estate / estate agents.

Check their website for what you get and how much.


Another booking agent that I’ve only used once so far is Lemonpie. The episode isn’t live yet but the booking and recording all went well.

They helped me book Anna Tutckaia for the pod who talks about implementing Live Chat.

Check out their website for what you get and how much.

Podcast On Demand

I’ve just booked a guest using Podcast On Demand and everything went well. The inital emails had all the information I needed to make a decision about the guest and included a One Sheet. Hoping to get the episode live soon.

Check out their website for what you get and how much.

Legendary Podcasts

I’ve booked a few guests using Legendary Podcasts during 2023 and into 2024. From my side everything has gone well and guests I’ve recorded include Wayne Stanley who spoke about remote working & communication and Amanda Dorenberg who spoke about Out of Home advertising.

Check their website for what you get and how much.

Interview Valet

I’ve not yet used Interview Valet to book a guest but have been contacted a couple of times and they included a good amount of information about the guest plus a PDF one sheet which was helpful.

Check their website for what you get and how much.

Podcast Guest Directories

If a booking agent is out of your price range then the more DIY approach is signing up with a podcast guest directory.

You’ll need to write you’re own biography or one sheet and add yourself to various categories. You’ll need to filter out any requests, research the podcasts that want you and generally manage the whole process yourself. Prices tend to start around £/$10 so an LOT cheaper than a booking agent.

Podcast Guests

I’ve used this service a couple of times in the past with some success. I managed to book a couple of guest slots for myself and also a few guests for my podcast. It was much more manual than using a booking agent but at the end of the day I got some recordings out of it.

Check out what you get and how much on their website.

I think the best way to think about is that’s its like a social network for podcasters and guests. I have my show listed as looking for guests and I get a lot of messages. The quality is a bit hit-and-miss down to the fact anyone can message you about anything and I must be honest that I’ve not actually booked anyone.

I’m also listed as a podcast guest as well but I don’t pay so my profile is probably hidden within the depths of the directory. The website is nice so give it a go.

Check out what you get and how much on their website.

That’s it! I’ll update this list when I come across and use different services.