Email Marketing & MailChimp Training Course.

Private In-House training, UK Wide & In Birmingham, London, Manchester and Cardiff.

Understand MailChimp. Improve open rates & click through’s.

Sessions Last Around 4 - 5 Hours

Includes downloads & video tutorials

1-2-1 & Group Tutor Led Training

Email Support If Needed

Training Provided For These Companies

Training in MailChimp & Email Marketing. Learn new skills with a comprehensive day of training.

If you need someone to manage your email marketing and send campaigns for you then check out this page.

The day focuses on the four core sections within MailChimp; Lists, Templates, Campaigns and Reports.

We’ll spend time looking at list management, email copywriting, A/B testing and segmentation. The day finishes off with a session on tracking and reporting results.

I also include a few advanced topics including a section on integrating Mailchimp with CRM systems and I’ll walkthrough the set up of an automated drip campaign.

The training also includes a good look at the new Mailchimp jouney builder where you can create advanced email automations.

Ecommerce Email Marketing – If you run an online store this session will be delivered slightly differently to help you use Mailchimp to segment your purchase history and automate emails for more sales and better conversion rates.

At the end of the training you’ll be able to put the techniques learnt into practice and increase open rates, click through’s and make the most out of your mailing list.

Learn the following on this 1 day Email Marketing Training course

Is Email Marketing Still Worthwhile?

A look at the reasons why email marketing is still a very powerful tool that can drive results. We’ll also look at a few different types of email newsletter.

Why MailChimp?

Learn how MailChimp can help you generate better results from your email marketing. We’ll also take a quick look around the main dashboard.

Setting Things Up & Making A Plan

We’ll spend some time defining goals, looking at the legal side of mass email & putting together a plan.

GDPR Help For Mailchimp and Email Marketing

A section devoted to the dreaded GDPR! We’ll look at how to collect data safely using Mailchimp including topics on double opt-in and subscriber preferences. I’ll also provide you with a lot of data collection tips and identify techniques that no longer comply with GDPR. Please note is section is about GDPR regarding mailing lists & email marketing. Please take legal advice for specific data retention & management techniques for your industry.

Building Your List

Learn how to entice the right customers onto your mailing list. We’ll look at a number of techniques that can improve sign up rates.

Mailchimp List Management (Ecommerce Ready)

An in-depth look at how to manage email lists within MailChimp. This includes importing, exporting and archiving lists and a section on managing custom data within MailChimp. For Ecommerce stores learn how to connect your shopping cart with Mailchimp.

Customising Sign Up Forms, Autoresponders And Notifications

Learn how to make sure the web pages your visitors go to during the signup process are branded and contain your own text. You’ll also find out how to customise your thank you emails and sign up forms.

Segmenting Your Mailing List (Ecommerce Ready)

Are you sending the same email to everyone? Learn how to segment your list so you can target customers with the appropriate email. If you run an online store learn how to recommend products based on purchase history and price.

Email Copywriting

We’ll look at Subject Lines, From names and the main body of the email learning ways to improve click through’s and open rates. This section includes lots of examples of great email marketing.

Creating Templates

Learn how using templates can save time & ensure all your emails are mobile friendly. We’ll also look at some must have sections like social media follows & contact information.

Creating Campaigns & A/B Testing

An in-depth look at the email editing features. We’ll also walk through the various options available when creating campaigns & learn how to schedule them for later. Includes introduction to A/B testing.

Measuring & Tracking Results (Ecommerce Ready)

Learn how to connect Google Analytics to your email campaign to track click through’s and results. For ecommerce stores discover how to track sales from your email campaigns.

Reporting & Measuring Results

A look at how to use MailChimps in-built reporting system to track the effectiveness of campaigns. We’ll also look at how to track campaigns in Google Analytics.

Automation (Ecommerce Ready)

A quick look at the various email automation features within MailChimp and how to use them effectively including how to set up drip campaigns. For Ecommerce store owners this section includes how to send abandoned cart reminders, first purchase emails..

Mailchimp Certified

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Just want to say a massive thank you for today. Think the full team have learnt so much more than they expected coming into the session. It is great to take part in training that you come away excited to put the different ideas it into action. I also really appreciate the time you took to focus on our companies set up especially.


What else do you get ?

+ Email/phone/online support in case you have more questions.

+ Certificate of Participation for you Continuing Professional Development (CPD) folder (on request).

How is the training presented?

Its informal. I don’t stand there with a power point presentation telling you stuff! I try to relate the information directly to your industry. I can also present the training as a seminar for small groups or organisations.

How long does it last?

The session lasts around 4 – 5 hours, sometimes a little longer but you’ll have me for most of the day.

Where does the training take place?

Online or I can come to you and provide the training in-house. If I come to you I cover the whole of the UK including London.