In House SEO Training in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff & UK Wide.
Also Available Online.

One of the best Search Engine Optimisation training courses for owners, editors & marketers

Sessions Last Around 4 Hours

If Online Video Recording Included

1-2-1 & Group Tutor Led Training

Support & Online Follow Up Sessions If Needed

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Boost your Google rankings. Learn techniques to increase traffic.

If you want to take your website and content to the next level then my one-day Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training course is for you.

Whether you’re a business owner, web editor or member of the marketing team, I will give you the skills to dramatically improve your website’s search rankings across a range of search engines.

SEO needn’t be difficult or confusing. I guarantee you will leave my course with confidence and a set of skills that will make a difference. I teach my students how to create a well targeted and promoted website with a great user experience.

Apply my learnings and your website will begin to appear on the first page of Google searches within weeks.

Delivered with your website in mind, my course covers:

  • How search engines work and what they think of your website
  • SEO techniques to improve your search ranking
  • How to research and correctly utilise keywords
  • Getting the right title for your website
  • How to create content that Google and other search engines will simply love
  • How to use links to other websites to boost your search rankings
  • How to bring social media and public relations into your SEO strategy
  • Plus much more.

Students also get lifetime access to my online SEO and Marketing guide, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest SEO skills and techniques long after you’ve attended my course.

I also provide ongoing email support, and you will receive a certificate of attendance to add to your personal development folder.

My course lasts around four hours and can be delivered one-to-one or to large groups anywhere in the UK and also online to English speaking countries. I deliver informal and interactive training, using live examples and make the course content relatable to you and your business.

Thanks Jon for a great training session, my colleague and I both felt like we learnt so much information in just one day. It was great that you had done so much background research on our website before you visited, and you provided us with a very comprehensive action plan and set of ideas going forward. We both feel much more confident in writing content and ensuring it all helps our SEO. Thanks again!.

Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloane from Laser Quantum

Thank you for your interest.

SEO can be seen as a dark art, a bit mysterious. It needn’t, and on my course, I’ll help you to understand that it mostly boils down to a combination of simple actions and a little bit of technical skill.

SEO Training Course Outline

Understanding Search Engines and What is SEO

Learn how the search engines find your pages, what they read and what you need to do to attain better rankings. I’ll also help you understand exactly what SEO is and what it means to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation techniques

We look at title and description tags, explain what they are and how to write them. This section covers all the tags and headers you need to create a better performing website.

Researching keywords and phrases

You’ll learn about keywords, phrases and long tail keywords plus I’ll show you tools that can help you pick the best key phrases.

Creating search and user-friendly content for your website

A look at online copywriting and how to create search and user friendly content the converts into leads and sales. This section also looks at internal navigation and URL structure.

Links and link building – the right and wrong ways explained

Discover the right way to deal with links and more importantly you’ll learn what not to do

Local SEO

I’ll show you how to take advantage of the explosion in local search and get listed for local searches.

Advanced SEO techniques

I’ll make you aware of rich snippets, schemas and other advanced techniques so you can work with your web developer to create a better performing website.

Protecting against penalties

A look at Google Penguin and Panda and how to protect yourself from any Google penalties.

Measuring and tracking your visitors

You’ll learn how to track your visitors, figure out what they are up to on your website and why they leave!

Using Google’s Webmaster tools

We’ll have a look at the free tools from Google that will help you spot problems with your website.

SEO Glossary

You will also receive a glossary of terms to help you understand all the different phrases and acronyms used in the SEO world.

Thank you for your interest. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help your website to outperform your competitors’.

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I would just like to say how excellent the SEO training service that you delivered was. It was a refreshing change to have things explained in layman’s terms instead of too much technical baffle. Jon helped us no end to understand what it is we have to do to optimise our websites and provided an excellent package to help us along our way. I would quite happily recommend him to anybody wanting to learn about marketing on the internet.

Jackie Bird, Sales & marketing Manager Central Profiles Laser Cutting

I contacted Jon at JTID after deciding to undertake the SEO work on our websites instead of employing an expensive web marketing company. Besides the 1 day course being competitively priced, Jon was happy to answer all of my queries on the phone prior to commencing with the course.

On the day of the course, Jon arrived on-time and was happy to recap over all of the topics that we had discussed in depth and continues to offer post-course advice which is invaluable to us.

When conducting the course, Jon never rushed through the SEO training and asked if I understood the information before progressing to another topic.

I strongly recommend JTID to anyone wishing to update their website. We have gained a much needed insight into SEO with Jons help and will be booking further courses with Jon in the future!

Rob Wellings, Krowl Architectural Ironmongery Ltd

After receiving three days of training by Jon on understanding google search console, google analytics and how to create relevant content for our website we are now confident as a team to take things in our own hands and handle our own SEO in house.

We found all information provided by Jon easy to digest (as you can understand how technical things can be in regards to SEO) – Would highly recommend the training courses Jon offers to everyone that wants to have a clear understanding of SEO.

Mohammed Ahmed

Kangs Criminal Defense Solicitors

As the owner of a small social enterprise trying to maintain her own website, and a complete novice when it comes to SEO, I was completely mystified and somewhat daunted by the task, but Jon’s clear presentation and patient explanations of the various approaches to improving my search engine visibility not only made it seem possible but I actually found the whole process fascinating!


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