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Not Another Marketing Podcast

Thanks for checking out Not Another Marketing Podcast bringing you interviews with Digital Marketing experts on topics such as Content Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Social Media and Email Marketing.

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Podcast Review Dec 2021

Understanding Customer Emotions with Chantal Cornelius

This episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast features a very 'emotional' conversation with Chantal Cornelius, founder of Appletree Marketing, on developing deep emotional connections between companies and their clients. Cornelius emphasises the importance...

Exploring Innovative Marketing Strategies with Mona Kinal

This week on Not Another Marketing Podcast I'm chatting with Mona Kinal the CMO of G2A, the world’s largest global marketplace for digital entertainment. We're delving into often overlooked marketing channels and strategies. We chat about Web3 and its...

How Google Ranks a Website with Greg Brooks

This week on Not Another Marketing Podcast we ask the question 'Do we know how Google ranks a website?'. This is a great chat with Greg Brooks, CMO and partner at SearchTides. Greg talks about how he's pretty sure how Google works! We dig into the...

Amanda Dorenberg

This is a fascinating chat with Amanda Thornberg, president of COMMB (Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing & Measurement Bureau). We're delving into the world of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. Amanda explains the power and potential of this often-overlooked...