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The Biggest SEO Myths Debunked

In this episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast I’m talking to SEO expert Damon Burton about some of the biggest SEO myths…. and there’s lots of myths!

Dealing With & Preventing A Social Media Crisis

      In this episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast I'm talking to reputation & crisis communication expert Jeff Hahn about dealing with a preventing a social media crisis. Episode 71 It's really easy to mess things up on social media even...

What’s A Google Core Update & Do I Need To Do Anything?

      In episode 69 of Not Another Marketing Podcast I talk to SEO Consultant Tim Capper about the Google Core update launched during May 2020. Episode 69 On May 4th 2020 Google let loose one of its Core Updates and the marketing world had...

Facebook Ads – Run Them or Stop Them Right Now

      In episode 68 of Not Another Marketing Podcast I talk to Nikki Hesford about what to do with our Facebook ads if we are shut right now. Episode 68 At the moment there’s a good chance that your business is closed or people just don’t want what...

What to do with Google My Business during COVID times

      In this episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast we're talking to Amy Toman about what we should be doing during COVID lockdown with our Google My Business account. Episode 67 With a large number of businesses having to shut right now...

Being a Marketing Freelancer in COVID Times.

      In this episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast we're talking to Charlotte Dougall from Blether Digital about working as a freelancer in COVID times. Don't forget to check out how you can support the podcast by sharing, subscribing or making...

6 Things You Need On Your Work At Home Desk

      I've been working from home for around 20 years and have had multiple desk set ups from large to small and minimal but there's a few things that have always stayed with me to make life a little easier. Here's 6 things that you need on your...

Social Media Advertising. Getting Better Results.

      Having trouble converting your social ads into sales and leads? The world of social media advertising can be a confusing place so in this episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast we're demystifying things with Chris Madden from paid social...

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