Privacy Policy

I’ve tried to keep this simple.

I don’t sell, pass on or monetise the data you give me in any way. I just use it for business related communication with you.

If you fill in one of the forms on my website I will only communicate with you in relation to the question you have asked. For example:

You fill in an Email Marketing lead form on my web page. I will use your data to provide a quote and usually chase this quote 2 – 3 times. After that I may contact you with offers regarding email marketing training but you are more than welcome to tell me to stop emailing you and delete your data.

I don’t horde email addresses or give out your data to anyone. I just use it to personally communicate with you.

Email me at if you have any questions about the data I hold on you.

Third party services that I use to run my website

Different third party web services are used and these may place cookies on your system.

Google Analytics

I use this service to see how many people visit my website. Visit Google Analytics for their privacy policy.

Google search console

I use this service to monitor how my website appears and is used within the Google search results. Visit Google Search Console for their privacy policy.

Zoho CRM

I use Zoho CRM for storing the content of the web forms on this website. Visit Zoho CRM for their privacy policy.

Zoho Forms

I use Zoho Forms for creating the web forms foundon this website. Visit the Zoho Forms website for their privacy policy.

Zoho Pagesense

I use Zoho Pagesense to see how people use my website, for example how far they scroll down the screen and which buttons are clicked. This gives me ideas on how to improves user experience. Visit the Zoho Pagesense website for their privacy policy.

Zoho SalesIQ

I use Zoho SalesIQ to power the live chat feature found on my website. Visit the Zoho SalesIQ website for their privacy policy.

Trainer Central

I use Trainer Central to run all my demand training courses. Visit Trainer Central for their privacy policy.

Email me at if you have any questions