Are you looking for a Digital Marketing podcast guest?

Conversation topics include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Podcasting, Content Marketing & Blogging.

With 15 years in radio broadcasting and almost 20 years in digital publishing I can provide insight, tips and advice on the following topics.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This was where I started my digital marketing career, building content and optimising it for search engines and users.

Get in touch if you need someone to explain SEO, link building, keyword research and offer advice on almost any aspect of SEO.

Email Marketing

This has been one of my most popular private training sessions for the last couple of years and I’m more than happy to talk about any aspect of engaging an audience via email.

I can talk about targeting & segmentation, list building, content creation, software integration and more.

Social Media Strategy

Get in touch if you need someone to talk about social media strategy, content creation and social customer support.
Most of use know how to post content on social media channels but the hardest part can be trying to figure out what to post.

I can offer tips and advice on how to make your social output much better and offer great customer support.

Content Marketing & Blogging

Research, content creation, optimisation and promotion are the four main areas of content marketing and blogging and I can talk to your audience about all of these areas.

Most of my career has been spent creating content of some sort so I can offer help, advice and insights.


This goes right back to my roots in the radio industry and it’s one of my most enjoyable training sessions.

If your podcast audience needs some help and advice on presentation techniques, production and promotion, then let me know.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch using my contact page and I’m more than happy to have a quick chat to make sure I’m a right fit for your audience.

You can also get in touch on Twitter and Facebook.

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