Digital Marketing Training For Accountants

Feb 21, 2019

Training already provided for small, medium and large multi-branch accountantants practices.

Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed a lot more accountants practices getting in touch for Digital Marketing Training. I think more accountants are employing a Marketing person/team and they are exploring new ways to connect with prospective and existing clients.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Marketing accountants can be hard work. It’s not the sexiest industry is it? Tax, VAT and Payroll are not the most exciting topics to promote.

The key for all practice marketing is to build Authority and Trust and this is something that Digital Marketing is perfect for. There’s plenty to learn.

There’s not always a huge amount of budget for Marketing Training so holding the training in-house means you can have more control over the topics and save money by doing away with staff travel and hotel costs.

Most accountants should focus on Local SEO, quality Content Marketing, Email marketing and Social Media.

Tracking and measuring are also important, so you understand what’s working and more importantly what’s not working.

Content Marketing & Blogging training for accountants

This is where you can start building that trust and authority. You need to be creating content that your clients find useful, not you. Inform, educate and entertain (a little bit).

SEO amd keyword research needs to be looked at especially around the topics that you specialise in and the locations that you serve.

Understanding your audience and building personas can help you write in a way that you clients will find attractive.

Tracking the content is important so you know which items are driving leads and which are not.

Read more about my 1 day Content Marketing training session for you or your team.

Email Marketing / Mailchimp training for accountants

A lot of accounts practices I visit usually have pretty big email lists full of different types of businesses from sole traders to SME’s and enterprises but not many are segmented very well.

You always want to be sending email that is relevant to people so emailing someone who is not VAT registered about new VAT rules is pointless or creating a campaign about payroll and sending it to sole traders.

Mailchimp gives you the chance to segment your list into different sections so that the right people get the right email.

I also have a huge amount email Email Copywriting tips that can help increase open rates and clicks.

Discover more about my 1 day of Email Marketing & Mailchimp training session for you or your team.

Social Media training for accountants

Social Media is another great way for accountants to build their trust and authority and just like Content Marketing you need to focus on information, education and a little bit of entertainment.

Social Media also needs to be busy to work. The life expectancy of a Tweet is around 17 minutes so one post a day isn’t going to cut it. Learning how to set up some schedules and plan things out in advance can really help to save you time.

It’s sometimes difficult to decide on what content to post. The last thing you want to do is fill your timelines with VAT regulations! I can help you with some brainstorming sessions so you can be more creative on your social channels.

Learn more about my 1 day social media training session for you or your team.

WordPress Training for accountants

The standard Content Management System for accountants seems to be WordPress! Most practices I visit use it because it works and it’s cost effective.

But sometimes it can be difficult to work with especially if you’ve had no experience or you’re a new marketing exec looking at something someone else built.

Learning how to manage your WordPress website, create, update pages and perform backups is essential.

Read more about the topics included during my 1 day WordPress training session (can be customised).

Hootsuite or Zoho Social Training for accountants

Managing Social Media can be hard work, especially when you don’t always have time.

Both Hootsuite and Zoho Social give you the chance to create advanced schedules, post when your audience is active and most importantly post to multiple channels at once.

Which is best? I tend to recommend Hootsuite if you manage customer support and Zoho Social if you use Social Media for marketing.

Read more about the topics included in my 1 day Hootsuite or Zoho Social training session.


Digital Marketing for accountants doesn’t have to be hard. You can still be creative and excite your audience at the same time as building trust, authority and better search engine results.

I provide cost effective in-house training all over the UK so get in touch and we can have a chat about your needs.