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“Discover the benefits of using Hootsuite to manage your social media.
Never miss conversations & build relationships.”

Hootsuite is online software that can help you manage multiple social media platforms in one place. It arrives as a free or paid version and my training focuses on the features included in both versions so you get a solid understanding on how the software can benefit you.

The goal of my Hootsuite training is to teach you the skills for using the software in real situations like offering customer support, monitoring your brand and building relationships. Even if you already use Hootsuite this training is ideal for honing your skills and understanding some of the more advanced functions. I try to add context to the features so you can see how they can help your business.

The training also includes a section on the Hootsuite mobile app and how to set up the notifications so you’re not bombarded and we’ll also talk about how to share items from other apps to Hootsuite.

On top of the training you’ll also be discovering some new techniques on how to manage your social media a lot better and learn how to offer customer support and never miss customer questions.

The training lasts between 4 & 5 hours, can be provided 1:2:1 or to groups and is very hands on so you’ll need a live Internet connection, a Hootsuite account and at least one Social Media profile like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

I use Hootsuite on a daily basis to manage by own (and clients) social media and I’m a current Hootsuite Certified Professional and voluntary European product Ambassador.

Get in touch with any questions or to book some training. View the topics included in the training below.

You’ll learn the following during my Hootsuite training day

Adding your social media platforms to Hootsuite

Learn how to add various social media platforms to Hootsuite & make managing social media a breeze!

The Hootsuite Dashboard

A look at the main dashboard. Understand what streams & tabs are, find out how to use them & best organise them.

Setting up a brand listening tab

Monitor all your social media in one place. Learn how to reply from the dashboard.

Advanced social media listening & Competitor Monitoring

Create a listening tab for finding new leads and learn how to monitor your competitors via social media.

Managing Customer Support on Hootsuite

Never miss your customers questions. Discover how to offer customer support via social media.

Scheduling your Social Media

Learn how to schedule your social media posts using the dashboard, publisher calendar & bulk upload feature. Includes sample spreadsheets.

Advanced Twitter list building

Keep on top of things with Twitter lists and learn how to monitor & segment your followers more efficiently.

A Good Look At The Mobile App

Social Media Management can be very mobile so we’ll take a good look at the Hootsuite mobile app and how to share items from other apps on your iPhone/Android phone.

Using the reporting system

Discover how to create reports on your social media accounts and monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

Tracking Your Posts

Learn how to use URL shorteners to track clicks and link Google Analytics to Hootsuite for even better campaign tracking.

Using Hootsuite Campaigns

A look at how to use the lead generating functions of Hootsuite Campaigns. We’ll create a campaign live on the day to demonstrate how powerful it can be.

A look at the App Directory

Find out how to add external apps to Hootsuite to provide more functionality.

Training & Workshops Provided For

Training Provided For These Companies

What else do you get ?

Lifetime access to my Online Marketing manual to refer to after the training has finished

30 days email support in case you have more questions.

Certificate of Participation for you Continuing Professional Development (CPD) folder.

How is the training presented?

Its informal. I don’t stand there with a power point presentation telling you stuff! We’ll work together on Hootsuite to create the best set up for your company. This is hands on practical training.

This training can be presented as 1-2-1 training or to small groups & organisations.

How long does it last?

The full session usually lasts around 4 – 5 hours and is ideal for a morning & afternoon training that doesn’t start too early or finish too late! Add some time on for lunch & coffee breaks.

Where does the training take place?

I can come to you and I cover pretty much all of the UK including London. I also have office locations in Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff.

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