Becoming a podcast guest can be a great experience and it can really help your personal brand or business. In fact, it can help you on many levels.

podcast guests

As podcasting becomes more popular, lots of folks are looking to be podcast guests. CEOs, thought leaders, authors and celebs are all looking at guesting, I think mainly because it’s pretty easy to do. Turn up with a microphone and talk!

Before I get into the main reasons for guesting I want to quickly mention that it’s important to know what you want to talk about and how to talk about it before you approach podcasters.

Try and create an ‘angle’ or ‘original thought’ about the topic you want to talk about. Don’t try and talk about too many topics. Just focus on something that others will want to hear about and then approach podcasts. If you get no bites then look at your subject matter and revise it.

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Let’s get into it. Here are the main reasons how becoming a podcast guest can help your personal brand or business.

Authority and Trust

When you hear someone speak you get an idea of the type of person they are. If you sound like a 1970s used car dealer then most folks are not going to trust you.

Building authority and trust is also vital for any personal brand or business, especially in the digital age as we are usually quite disconnected from our customers.

If you sound like you know what you’re talking about, if you speak with authority and what you say makes sense then folks will usually trust you more and maybe want to know more about what you do.

Direct Sales

If you sell a simple product like a book or software subscription then you can get direct sales from a podcast.

You’ll probably need to target the podcasts you appear on carefully so they either have a large targetted audience or a smaller very niche audience.

If you’re sales funnel is long or takes time to sell a product/service then use guest appearances to increase your trust and authority.

We all know that links to your website can give you a little bit of help in the search rankings and guest podcasting can help with this.

Most podcasts have a website and all podcasts should have some show notes. Once you’ve guested on a podcast there’s a really good chance that the host will link to your website so their listeners can learn more about you.

This is what’s called a backlink.

It’s not going to send you to the top of Google instantly but over time, the more you promote yourself and the more links come to your website, the better Google is going to view the trust and authority of your website.

So there you go. The main reasons for becoming a podcast guest. You’ll also find that over time you’ll become a better speaker and a little more confident about talking about your topic. It can be good for your growth as a person as well.

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