Don’t Forget What You’ve Scheduled On Social Media

Sep 2, 2016

If you’re a business then scheduling social media posts is a must. It saves loads of time keeps you organised. I’ve written about the benefits of scheduling before and I’m a big fan of it, but…

… don’t forget what you’ve scheduled!

We’ve all heard about embarrassing Twitter moments for companies who’ve gone all bitchy about a celebrity only to find out they died overnight or announced some very bad news… the amusing, sarcastic post appears in very bad taste. Even if you stay away from anything controversial you still need to be careful.

As I’m writing this last Monday was the big August Bank Holiday in the UK, it’s probably on par with Easter in the fact that most of the population decide to forget work and eat ice cream on a rainy beach somewhere in Wales.

Last Monday I noticed lots and lots of “Motivation Monday” types of Tweets that had obviously been scheduled weeks before hand not realising that none of us could give a toss about being motivated on a Bank Holiday Monday.

Get up. Get ready for the new week” was screamed over Twitter.

Go, Go Go! Monday means extra coffee”. On a Bank Holiday Monday coffee means outside with friends not worrying how long it takes to drink.

It makes you look a bit silly when these messages go out.

Using A Content Calendar Can Help

To solve the issue make sure you create a content calendar for your social media. Mark off all the Bank Holiday Mondays, Xmas Day and other times of the year that you may want to send out a special message.

Also slot in all your main marketing campaigns, trade show appearances and other special events so that you can plan your social media posts in advance.

Using a calendar means you won’t miss out on opportunities to connect with your audience,

It would’ve been much nicer to hear something like:

Enjoy the long weekend….. Next one is Xmas so make the most of it


Wooot! No work Monday today…. Be totally unmotivated and lazy!

These sorts of messages fit in more with what your current and prospective customers are up to and will connect much better.

Remind Yourself To Remember!

It’s really easy to embarrass yourself on social media so create a reminder on your phone or computer to do a schedule check once a week where you can review what’s going out over the next seven days. If you spot something that doesn’t look quite right then do a quick edit or change the post to something completely different.

If you have any thoughts about scheduling social media then you can get in touch here or on Twitter.