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PODCAST: Website Redesigns & 301 Redirects. Don’t lose your traffic!

Feb 10, 2015 | 4 comments

This is the first of hopefully many short podcasts on SEO and various aspects of digital marketing and I hope its useful to anyone planning a website redesign.

Last year I spoke to 11 companies who had lost most of their search engine traffic due to website redesigns and so far this year I’ve heard from two businesses, one of which lost over 90% off their traffic. The one thing in common was that 301 redirects were not set up before the website went live.

This quick five minute podcast explains what 301 redirects are and why you should use them.

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  1. Paul

    Hi Jon, thanks for this. How do you suggest 301’s be handled when, for example, you move a site that was originally built using GoDaddy’s Site Builder, hosted on GoDaddy and used Non-SEO optimal URLs, to a new site on a different server built on WordPress that uses SEO-optimal URLs? In such a case, it wouldn’t be possible to redirect from the old server as the account on GoDaddy was closed, so would one have to re-create blank pages using the original non-SEO-optimal URLs (as used on the old server) on the new WP version of the site and then 301 redirect from those pages to the pages with SEO-optimal URLs? Or is there a better/easier way to do this?

    • Jon

      Hi Paul,

      I’m taking it that the same domain name is being used for the new website….

      It won’t make a difference that the old hosting is closed. Anyone clicking on any of your domain links will go to your current hosts server so you can set 301 redirects inside WordPress to solve the problem.

      I’ve used this plugin in the past with great success : https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-301-redirects/

      What you do is tell it to direct the old GoDaddy style links to the new WordPress style links and it will work.

      EG: http://www.yourdomain.com/godaddypage –> http://www.yourdomain.com/wordpresspage

      The plugin is the easiest way to do this but make sure that each old page points to its equivalent new page. Eg. Old Tennis Shoes page goes to new Tennis Shoes page.

      Hope this helps…

  2. Paul

    Thanks for the heads-up on that plugin, Jon. I think the Wayback Machine is really going to come in handy here for remembering all those old URLs. Cheers!

    • Jon

      Also check Google Webmaster Tools in the 404 not found section…. you may find a few there.

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