If Writing Blog Posts Is Boring & Tedious, This May Help.

Aug 23, 2016

It’s boring and tedious having to plan blog posts when blogging is not your actual job.

Blogging is something you know you should be doing more of but it’s hard work and you’re not a writer.

When I talk to companies about blogging the planning side is always the hard bit, we all want a quick and easy way to get 1000 words up on the website every week.

This is what you can do.

Set a half hour timer and brainstorm with another person. Come up with 6 blog post titles. Think about what questions your customers ask to help the process along.

Then write down 4 or 5 headings under each title that describes what you want to say.

You’ve now got the ideas.

Spend a small amount of time every other day drafting out one of these headings. It doesn’t always have to be from the same idea, mix it up a bit but be consistent with your writing.

After a while you’ll have a bunch of partially finished blog posts, pick one, finish it, edit and post.

This system doesn’t work for everyone but if you’re pushed for time it’s much easier to finish a half done blog post than start one from scratch.

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