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1-2-1 or group training in Birmingham, Manchester Cardiff & In House

My Blogging Training is perfect for business bloggers or marketing execs and will teach you how to create a well written and successful blog and increase your readership. The training also touches on how to generate revenue from your blog.

I focus the training on writing great content, promoting that content and building a blogging strategy rather than the technical aspects of setting up a blog so we won’t be talking about plugins or how to install software but you will learn huge amounts about the art of blogging.

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You’ll learn the following during my Blogging training

Reasons & Benefits To Blog

We’ll look at the reasons to blog and how it can benefit a business or personal brand.

Managing Expectations

Find out what to realistically expect from your blog and how to manage the highs and lows.

Creating an Editorial Calendar

Learn how to create a productive editorial calendar and never be stuck for ideas.

Writing & Editing Blog Posts

An in depth look at writing & editing blog posts. You’ll learn lots of techniques and discover many writing tips.

Creating Titles For Your Blog Posts

Titles are vitally important and you’ll learn what works and how to come up with great clickable titles.

SEO Your Blog Posts

Learn how to optimise your blog posts for the search engines including keyword research.

Dealing With Comments

How to combat spam and respond to positive and negative comments.

Growing Your Readership

Find out how to develop a community around your blog and promote it via social media.

Advanced Social Media techniques & connecting with influencers

Learn how to listen to social media to find new places to promote your blog & connect with industry influencers.

Generating Revenue From Your Blog

A look at many ways to make money from your blog.

SEO & Marketing Glossary

You’ll also receive a glossary of terms to help you understand all the different phrases and acronyms.

“The seminar, which was presented by SEO and e-commerce specialist Jon Tromans, started with the basics – firstly, to not in fact call your blog a blog…” – View the full article here (pdf)

Menswear Buyer Monthly Comment Page

We found the training really good, everything we wanted to know and more was covered as well as all questions being answered. The training was extremely helpful for us and we would all recommend your training to anyone looking for help. Thank You 🙂

Sarah Belcher

Retail IT Administrator, Speedy Products

We found the blogging training from Jon extremely useful. It helped build our confidence and we now know what we need to do to start blogging effectively. Jon is very knowledgeable on his subject and a really engaging presenter.

Layton Quinton

Marketing Manager, The University of Manchester Conferences and Venues

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What else do you get ?

Acess to my free Online SEO & Marketing manual to keep and refer to after the training has finished

30 days email support in case you have more questions.

Certificate of Participation for you Continuing Professional Development (CPD) folder.

How is the training presented?

Its informal. I don’t stand there with a power point presentation telling you stuff! Think of it as a big chat and I use plenty of real world examples. This training can be presented as 1-2-1 training or to small groups & organisations.

How long does it last?

The full session usually lasts around 4-5 hours, sometimes a little less, sometimes more. Add some time on for lunch & coffee breaks. There’s a lot to take in which is why you get access to my online marketing manual to refer to and 30 days email support for asking questions.

Where does the training take place?

I come to you and I cover pretty much all of the UK including London. I also have office locations in Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff.

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