Every podcast should have a ULP or Unique Listening Point but with literally millions of podcasts out there it can be difficult to create something new and shiny.

Having a unique listening point doesn’t mean you have to come up with a brand-new concept or format of podcast it just means adding your bit of magic or originality to an exquisite idea.

Be Original

When I decided I wanted to launch a marketing podcast I listened to lots of them and I mean lots of them. The name, Not Another Marketing Podcast came from the fact that there are lots of them out there. But, one thing I noticed was that a lot of them sounded the same.

The main trait of a marketing podcast seemed to be extremely conversational, and there’s nothing wrong with that but if I produced something the same it would just be another podcast sounding the same.

Most hosts would spend the first five minutes of the podcast talking about the guests life and journey and hosts would keep telling guests how “amazing” they are. This irritated me no end.

So I decided to create a marketing podcast that was more to the point. A quick introduction, a specific topic for each episode and more of a A & A format.

I wanted to be a bit different.

How to make a podcast unique and different

There are not many types of podcast format. Interview, story, panel or a monologue. That’s pretty much it.

What you need to do is put your angle, your personality into that format.

  • Make your podcast shorter than most. Offer a “quick look” at something.
  • Make your podcast longer than most and go very in-depth.
  • Create a podcast that’s “from a specific age viewpoint”.
  • Be loud and OTT or more academic and thoughtful.
  • Release two episodes a week or two a month.

You get the idea. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Try to add your angle and your personality into the podcast

My own unique listening point

To give you an idea of the unique listening point in practice, if anyone asks me what’s different about my podcast I say:

“It’s short, less than 30 minutes, less chat and more about information and education around a specific marketing topic.”

What’s your unique listening point? Say hello on Twitter and let me know.