So last week I replied to a podcaster who was asking for guests. I filled the requirements and fired off an email with my one sheet, head shot and intro blurb.

Included in the reply I got back was “Have you listened to any episodes of my podcast?”.

I answered truthfully and said “No, I’ve not had the chance listen to any episodes.”

The reply back was pretty much, if you haven’t taken the time to listen to my podcast then how do you know you’re a fit for the show!

I find this very strange. Isn’t it meant to be the podcaster deciding if the guest is a fit for their audience?

Podcast Interview

Lets go back in time to my days interviewing on the radio. I interviewed hundreds of bands, actors and ‘A’ list celebrities and never once asked them if they’d listened to my show! Of course they hadn’t.

As the producer of a programme I made sure I only interviewed folk who were a fit for my audience, I did some research.

There are two things going on here.

The podcaster who believes that the guest should “know the show” they are guesting on so they know what to expect and then there’s the guest who is looking for appearances so they can offer advice or entertainment at the same time as getting some exposure.

For example I once briefly interviewed Madonna during a presser for one of her albums. She did the interviews for exposure and my audience got to hear from her. Win win.

I really did not ask her if she’d listened to my show first!

Is there some ego at play? I’ve spoken to some podcasters who have an inflated opinion of their own podcast and believe that they are “doing the guest a favour” by including them on their show. What do you think?

Most guests want to appear on a show because they have something to sell or they want to increase their own exposure and this is perfectly normal.

Podcasters should do their research

My opinion is that its the role of the podcaster to research guests and decide if they should appear on the show. For my marketing podcast I get pitched guests every single day and some I take, others I don’t but I always do my research.

Will this guest be interesting to my audience?

Believe it or not as I write this an email pop up has appeared with another guest pitch!

If you’re a podcaster don’t make it the job of the guest to work out if they fit your show. This is your responsibility.

As for the guest appearance I pitched for, I’m not going to bother.