Running social media for your business or other peoples business can be a very time consuming thing to do. During my training sessions I find the number one reason for not updating platforms on a regular basis is having no time and lack of ideas. Hopefully this list will help.

Here’s 20… yes 20 tools that can help you organise your social media and take the stress out of something that should be fun and social.

If you use other apps or tools that save you bunches of time then share them in the comments.

The titles of the apps link through to the various websites and I’ve included Twitter profile links as well.

1. Hootsuite (@hootsuite)

This is the BIG app that saves me the most time and I pay for it. Firstly, I must admit that I’m a Hootsuite Ambassador in the UK but they don’t pay me, I just pay them!

The reason I pay for it is that I can  manage all my social media and clients social media in one place which saves heaps of time. Imagine having to keep logging into different accounts all the time.

Another great benefit for me is being able to save streams of searches so I can monitor what’s happening on Twitter and generate new leads.

Hootsuite have a free version so give it a go and see how you get on.


2. Buffer (@buffer)

I’ve not used Buffer much myself but know a lot of people who do and they swear by it.

The main focus of Buffer is scheduling multiple social media accounts so you don’t have to be sat in front of the screen all the time. I’m a big fan if scheduling but remember to be around to answer questions and engage.

Buffer has free and paid versions so give it go and see if it’s the app for you.


3. Tweetdeck (@tweetdeck)

I used Tweetdeck a lot before I got into Hootsuite and it’s a brilliant little app to manage your Twitter accounts, in fact it’s now owned by Twitter.

It has a similar look to Hootsuite with lots of streams of Tweets in one place and you can fully manage, search and posts all from a single dashboard. There’s also the opportunity of managing multiple Twitter accounts which can save a lot of time.

Tweetdeck is free so sign up and have a play.


4. Crowdfireapp (@crowdfire)

Now this app is a Twitter app that I use a lot. It used to be called JustUnFollow and gives you the chance to dig a little deeper into your followers and also find other people to follow who may be interested in what you do.

The specific tasks I use it for are unfollowing dormant accounts, analysing who’s unfollowed me and searching for new followers by location and keywords.

It’s a great little app to help target things a little better and has free and premium versions.


5. Andrioid App

When I dig out my tablet I usually turn to the main Twitter app for Android but it doesn’t look as pretty as it should. Thankfully there are a few other quality apps that will help you save time.

Look at Plume or Ecofon for Twitter and the official LinkedIn and Facebook apps. Hootsuite and Buffer also have decent Android apps.

There’s plenty to chose from so download a few and see which ones you like the best.

Twitter Android App

6. iOS App

I’m not an iPhone user myself but people I know swear by the official Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin apps but again they are not the prettiest or the most functional around.

Take a gamble on Tweetbot or Twitterrific to manage your Twitter accounts. Hootsuite and Buffer also have apps for iPhones and iPads.

iOS App

7. Blackberry App

Yup. I’m still banging out emails on my old Blackberry….. well its actually one of the new ones but I can’t part with the keyboard.

The official Twitter app is one I use the most and it does the job perfectly with a whole host of keyboard short-cuts built in to speed things up. Other apps to try out are Blaq, Neatly or Twittly but the official one is a winner for me.

Blackberry Twitter App

8. Todoist (@todoist)

I’ve been using this app for the last couple of years and it really helps to save me time by reminding me to do stuff.

It notify’s me when I need send out ‘hello’s’ to new followers, post my podcast to Facebook (3 days after going live), write a Linkedin Post every week and a million other things.

Whatever phone, tablet or computer you use there’s an app for it and you can try it out with the free version but I gladly pay £18 a year for all the premium features.



Here’s another one of my favourites!

IFTTT stands for ‘If This Is That Then’…. and is an automation tool that connects lots of different apps together. I use it all the time within my email. If I send IFTTT an email with #fu in the subject it sets a follow up task in Todoist 7 days from now… brilliant!

I also use it to automate my welcome messages on Twitter.

I don’t send out hello’s to everyone who follows me as I’d be there all day and I’m not a big fan of automated hello’s, I think they should be targeted at the individual. If an eCommerce store follows me I might send a hello mentioning my Product Writing Training. If a marketing company follows me I say hello and mention SEO and Social Media Training…. you get the gist.

The way I use IFTTT is that if I favourite a Tweet it will set a task 1 hour from the favourite-time to remind me to send a welcome. The user name of the Tweeter is included and it helps me remember to say hello.

You can automate so many different tasks between lots of different apps you’ll be saving so much time you can squeeze in another coffee!


10. Pocket (@pocket)

If you plan a lot of social media content and have to curate information from lots of places then Pocket is the app for you.

I use it quite a bit to remember Tweets, various web articles and images.

Pocket works on various phones and browsers so wherever you are you can share something and remember it.


11. Feedly (@feedly)

Another one of my favourites.

Reposting content from industry blogs is a fairly big part of the social media flow. You can’t possibly create all your own content to fill a days broadcasting so you’ll be looking through various blogs for great articles to re-post.

Feedly can take the RSS feeds from all the blogs you watch and put them in one place so you don’t have to keep trawling around the Internet looking at new posts as they are all in one place.

It works a treat for me and saves lots of time plus I also subscribe to various blogs to keep up on my industry news and find out quickly about new innovations.


12. Trello (@trello)

I’m not a big user of Trello but I know a lot of people who absolutely love it!

If you have to manage content on a fairly large scale then Trello can help a lot. It’s project management software that uses the Kaban or board system where you move tasks from one board to another depending on what stage they are at.

I know quite a few marketing companies who plan content and social media using Trello and it can certainly save a lot of time.

It’s available on the web and mobile plus there’s a free version with a LOT of features.


13. WriteBox

Writing is something we have to do an awful lot of when composing Tweets and Facebook posts and I tend to use Writebox for this as its a great distraction free writing tool that stores posts in text files on dropbox!

I use it in combination with Draft (see below) so that I can manage my writing on all devices.

Use it for composing Tweets and Facebook posts plus storing canned messages that you need to send out over and over again.

It works really well but for the ultimate distraction free tools look at Calmly Writer which is what I use to compose all my blog posts, including this one.


14. Draft

Mentioned above, this app works on Android phones/tablets and together with Dropbox lets you edit text files on different devices. I use it in combination with Writebox (above) so I can edit text files on my Blackberry, tablet and laptop.

It works well, is free and the sync is reliable.


15. Sunrise Calendar (@sunrise)

Possibly the best calendar app on the market. I can monitor all my calendars in one place including my content calendar and Twitter chats.

I take part in quite a few Twitter hours and chats and can never remember where I’m meant to be especially if stuck on a train so this great little app lets me manage all my calendars in one place.

It works on lots of different phones and browsers and is completely free!

Sunrise Calendar

16. Unicode

This app works on the Google Chrome browser and gives you access to huge amounts of emoji.

The built in search makes it really easy to find the characters I want and with one click I’ve loaded the emoji into my clipboard.


17. Screencastify

Another must-have Chrome Browser app!

All my screen casts are recorded with Screencastify and its well worth the payment to get the premium features.

You can record, crop and upload/download video from this little extension and it works a treat with multiple monitors.

A great addition to help you with content creation.


18. Zoho vault (@Zoho)

If you manage multiple social media platforms you’re going to need a secure password manager.

Remembering lots of passwords is a nightmare and to be honest you really need to be creating passwords that can’t be remembered. There’s a lot of apps on the market but I use Zoho Vault that arrives as a web app, Android/iOS app and a secure downloadable version for when you are offline.

It gives you the opportunity to store as many passwords as you want together with custom information and comes with a handy password generator.

Give the free version a try and premium doesn’t cost much for individuals.

Zoho Vault

19. Nimbus Screenshot (@nimbuswebinc)

Another Chrome Browser app for content creation.

I’ve tried lots of screen shot grabbers and have settled on this one as its so simple to use and doesn’t force you to upload grabs to specific services, you can just download them to your computer.

There’s a chance to crop, resize and annotate your grabs before saving so this is perfect for quick screenshots that you can use within your social media posts.

Nimbus Screenshot

20. Pixlr Editor (@pixlr)

Finally an app that saves me a bunch of time creating images for all my social media accounts. This app has replaced photoshop for me.

Its a photo editor that works in a browser and its free!

The amount of features is astonishing with layers, brushes, erasers, a colour picker and lots more.

All the graphics and images I use on my social media accounts are created using Pixlr.

Pixlr Editor


Phew! That’s my top 20 apps for making social media management a little bit easier.

There are loads of different apps around and you probably use some others to save yourself time so please share them with in the comments below.