PresentationOne of the most enjoyable parts of my job is training marketing departments. They tend to be full of energetic people who don’t mind asking questions and are full of exciting ideas.

From experience I’ve found that most marketers have a good idea of what SEO is about but their knowledge is either a little out of date or they don’t really understand the concept of how modern SEO fits in with the content generating machine.

Marketers love a strap lines but search engines don’t

Straplines and phrases are things that we spend ages discussing and creating but the chances are people won’t be searching for them.

There are lots of ways to create attractive, engaging web content that still targets the phrases people are actually searching for and once your listing is in front of the searcher its important to encourage the click. This is where META Title Tag comes in and learning how to write clickable titles is really important.

With just a little bit of extra time, knowledge and effort its easy to create attractive content that performs well in the search engine results.

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The technical side of SEO is important

Code TagWhen I’m out and about training I tend to find that the technical side of SEO is known about but not really understood. The skills within marketing teams are there to create fantastic content but when it comes to coding a page for the search engines the knowledge is not always there.

This is totally understandable as you’re marketing and not coding!

But, knowing what techniques are available and what to ask of your web developers can help you create a much better performing website, not just in search but also in usability.

Once the technical details are ticked off your content will be in perfect condition to rank.

Don’t mention Links!

Links are probably the most contentious side of SEO. So much has been written about back links and a lot of it is rubbish so knowing how to generate inbound links is important but learning what not to do with links is vital!

Panda’s & Penguins

These maybe cute animals but they are also Google algorithms that can effect the ranking of your website. Its good to know what each one does and how to make sure you don’t get penalised.

There are many stories online about how companies have had rankings reduced even when they thought they were doing the right thing. Understanding how they work should mean you won’t get a penalty or reduction in rankings.

Advanced SEO

CorrectHelping the search engines understand more about your web page is a great way to increase your rankings and get more conversions. Topics like adding Schema Code, No-Follow Tags and 301 redirects need to be understood.

A marketer doesn’t need to be able to code these things but they need to know they exist so you can make sure the web developers are building advanced functionality into your websites and pages.

Making sure the search engines really understand what you are doing on your page is becoming very important.


There’s a lot of high quality content out there that has never been discovered via search because its not fully optimised which is where my SEO Training can help.

Being able to create a web page that the search engines really understand is vitally important and can help to bring in better results.

I’ve trained many marketing departments all over the UK, its really enjoyable and people learn an awful lot!

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