Create pages for your visitors and not just the search engines

Jan 31, 2014

Something I come across quite a bit when talking to people about SEO is that too many write their web pages primarily with the search engines in mind and not their visitors. Its easy to do. You get visitors from the search engines so why not write for them.

Here’s two reasons why you should aim your content squarely at your visitor.

Search Engines Are Getting Clever

As every month passes by the big search engines find ways to make the results they show relate more and more to the actual searches being performed and they are even starting to tie the results to individual habits so different results can show for different people. They want to provide the best results for their searcher, their customer, so provide them with what they want.

The big search engines DO NOT want web pages that have been created especially for them, they are not their own customer. Their customer is the searcher. What you need to do is provide them with content which is high in quality, useful and well written and also directed at the searcher.

You give them what they want and they will give your website visitors.

People Are Your Customers

Those who have the money in their wallet and put things into your shopping basket are people not search engines so write for them. Well written pages that convert into sales are much more important than a keyword laced page of words and as you’re providing something that your customer will think is great the search engines will want to pick up on it.

The big bonus here is that as the main search engines get better at their job they will only want to show the best quality pages so make yours is the best. All it takes is time, research and a lot of writing and tweaking. Using a blog to answer questions, provide walk through’s is a good idea and can generate extra visitors to your website that may want to join your mailing list or buy your stuff.

Start right now, plan some blog posts, take a really close look at all your web pages and start creating some fabulous content for your website.