10 Scary SEO Tips for Halloween

Oct 29, 2015

Halloween will be upon us very soon and I’m sure a few of you will be dressing up your websites with some bats and witches…. I remember back in the day of background sound on websites(!) lots of ghostly noises emanating from various pages.

It’s fun to be scared and I’m going to scare you right now with 10 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips that you really don’t want to try out.

PumpkinFit at least 10 keywords into your Title & 20 Into The Description tag

A great way to get your website noticed a lot more by the search engines is to cram lots of keywords and phrases into the Title and Description tags. This has been tried and tested for years and will definitely get you noticed!

Here’s an example of a great title tag:

<title>Buy Nike Trainers from my Nike Trainers store that’s ships all kinds of Nike Trainers to Nike Trainer lovers around the world. CHEAP NIKE TRAINERS DIRECT</title>

Whenever you come across a blog leave your web link in the comments….twice!

We all know that having lots of back-links will help send your website up the rankings so every time you come across a new blog post make sure you leave at least two comments that include a link to your website.

Work out a routine where you have a list of links that you want to post and rotate them around the posts so the same pages don’t get all the links.

Generating 1000’s of these types of links is a sure way for the search engine to take notice of your website.

Halloween SmileyAt the end of your page place 100 keywords in the same colour as your background so they are invisible.

If you go for this tip then make sure you use a very small font size! If you use anything too big there will be lots of space at the end of your page so go for font size 4 or 6.

Make a list of at least 50 – 75 keywords and phrases and then paste them into the bottom of your web page and make them exactly the same colour as the background so your users won’t see them but the search engines will.

This is a great tip to get your keywords noticed a lot more.

Create 5 copies of every page just change the title & rearrange the content.

Duplicating your pages is a great way to get more content into the search engines index and you’ll have a better chance of being noticed and getting clicks to your website.

Make sure you have at least five copies of every page, change the title around a little and then just rearrange the text and images.

The search engines will think they are different pages and you’ll get them all listed and ranked.

Halloween GhostTry to fit as many keywords as possible into your keyword tag.

This is a similar technique to adding keywords and phrases to the Title & Description tag but even more powerful!

All the search engines love the keyword tag and making sure you have a good selection of keywords and phrases inside it is essential for great rankings.

Pick somewhere between 30 and 40 of your favourite keywords and phrases and then add them to the tag. Don’t forget plurals and misspellings.

Here’s an example:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”nike trainers, nike trainer, nike, trainers, nikey, trainors, cheap, buy, bargain, discount, trainer, shoes, blue, black, white, red” />

Pay for your article to appear on at least 1000 blogs all linking back to you.

Getting your content syndicated is really simple and a great way to generate traffic and back-links for your website.

There are many services available where you can write a short article that includes a few links to your website and then pay to get it syndicated on thousands of blogs almost instantly.

This is a great way to generate traffic to your website and more back-links which will help your ranking.

Build as many links as you can, as fast as you can from ANYWHERE!

This is very similar to the tip above but is even easier as you don’t have to write an article!

Search out a few links building firms, give them some links to your pages and a few keywords and let them start buying links on blogs and websites all over the world.

Remember, more links equals better rankings so buy as many as your budget allows.

ZombieMake a list of 50 forums and post your link in each one every day.

Another great back-link tip! Make a list of 50 forums that allow links and then post to one of them every single day.

If you stick at it you’ll have over 300 links in a year and generate some really good quality traffic.

Make sure you get the same 5 keywords 10 times into every page.

Having better keyword density than your competition is a sure way to beat them in the rankings war.

Look at your page and then pick five keywords and fit them into your text at least 10 times on each page. You’ll end up with 50 keywords per page and if you keep your text to a minimum you’ll have brilliant keyword density that your competition won’t be able to beat.

Make sure the title tag of your home page reads ‘Home Page’.

Forget branding and all those fancy marketing terms, the Title Tag of your home page should be “Home Page”.

People really like to know that they are Home. Making sure your visitors know they are on your home page will give them a very warm and comfy feeling, just like being in their own home.

This is a great tip that helps build trust and authority with your visitors.


If you’ve got through this list and are thinking of implementing any of the tips on your website then stop… you should keep away from SEO and any website. You’re a danger to your rankings 😉

I hope these tips haven’t scared you too much!