Not Another Marketing Podcast
Not Another Marketing Podcast
How will Ai help our marketing efforts in 2024 with Daniel Maloney

In this episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast, I chat with Danny Maloney, the CEO and co-founder of Tailwind.

We discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the marketing industry and how it can be harnessed to improve results.

We also debate whether AI will replace marketing jobs in the future or make them more efficient and strategic.

Danny highlights the role of AI in creating quality, compelling content and improving ad targeting. However, he also cautions about issues relating to data accessibility, privacy concerns, misinformation, and the misuse of AI in scams.

00:49 – AI’s Role in Content Creation
01:14 – AI and Marketing Jobs
01:49 – AI’s Current Usage and Future Prospects
02:44 – AI and Content Spam
05:56 – AI and Google’s Perception
07:49 – AI and Return on Investment
12:57 – AI and Reporting
17:30 – AI and Efficiency


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