Not Another Marketing Podcast
Not Another Marketing Podcast
Ep49: Making your ecommerce website mobile friendly

I’m changing things around a little on the podcast and it’s going to be exciting!

This podcast is almost 12 months old and has been downloaded many thousands of times and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has listened.

The format is changing so instead of dealing with 10 tips on different subjects I’m going to spend more time on one topic. Looking forward to the future I’m hoping to include more interviews and special features. Keep listening.

Making your ecommerce website mobile friendly

This week’s podcast offers lots of tips and advice on making your ecommerce website very mobile friendly.

It looks at the following topics:

1. Responsive design
2. Menus font sizes and spacing
3. Category and product filters
4. Shopping carts & forms
5. Making products pages work on mobile
6. Making sure embedded content is mobile friendly
7. Having Space to breathe
8. Testing everything
9. Checking your site using Google Mobile Tester

During the podcast I mention Google’s Mobile Tester and you can find it here.

At the beginning of the podcast I refer to a number of headlines found on the excellent Internet Retailing website.