Welcome to episode 52 of the SEO & Social Media Tips Podcast. This week we chat to Corey Northcutt from inbound marketing experts Northcutt.com. Corey has written for the likes of Moz, Search Engine Journal & HubSpot and has put together an amazing list of Google ranking factors marking them as myths, probably’s and definitely’s. A great read for anyone interested in SEO. We’ll hear Corey’s thoughts on modern SEO, link building and discover a few techniques to help the search visibility of Ecommerce stores. During the podcast Corey mentions the Blind Five Year Old blog. You can contact¬†Corey on Twitter or through his website. If you’ve enjoyed this podcast you can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn and if you’ve got a moment I’d love a quick review. Ask questions or catch up with me on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening.