Not Another Marketing Podcast
Building Trust and Authority from Content Marketing with Chris Pistorius

Welcome to Not Another Marketing Podcast where I’m talking to Chris Pistorius, founder of KickStart Dental Marketing. Working in the field of medical marketing Chris understands how important trust & authority is so listen up as we talk about building trust through our content marketing.

Episode 119

Online, we are very disconnected from our customers and clients. We hardly see or speak to them so building trust and authority through our content marketing efforts is essential.

In this episode I’m talking to Chris Pistorius, founder of KickStart Dental Marketing who has a huge amount of experience in building trust and authority in a field where it’s a must. You really need to trust your dentist!

We’re talking strategies, formats and types of content needed plus a lot more.

You can find Chris on his website and also LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to connect.

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