Not Another Marketing Podcast
A demand generation masterclass with Deanna Shimota

This week on Not Another Marketing Podcast I’m thrilled to have Deanna Shimota, the CEO of GrowthMode Marketing and the host of The Demand Gen Fix Podcast join me. Get ready for a Demand Generation masterclass.

Episode 182

B2B marketing can become complicated very quickly so this week I’m chatting to Deanna Shimota the CEO of GrowthMode Marketing & the host of The Demand Gen Fix Podcast who’s going to give us a masterclass in demand generation marketing.

We talk about the difference between demand generation and lead generation, content styles and formats, creating a demand generation strategy, and how to measure the results.

Deanna also gives me my favourite phrase of the week, “cobblestone content”!

You can find Deanna on Linkedin, the GrowthMode Marketing website and don’t forget to check out The Demand Gen Fix Podcast which is also available on YouTube.