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The Latest From My Blog

INFOGRAPHIC: An Enormous Amount Of Email Marketing Stats

Spam filtering & email archiving specialists EveryCloud have put together an enormous infographic bursting to the seams with email marketing stats. If you're a bit of a stats junky you'll love this and even if you're not there's a bunch of interesting information to...

Ep 57: Moving A Website From http To https

Welcome to Episode 57 of the Digital Marketing Tips podcast where we're talking about moving a website from http to https, making it more secure and hopefully getting a little boost in Google’s rankings. During the podcast I mention a number of website and services...

Ep 56: The Google Interstitial Penalty & What To Do About It

Over the last few weeks I've been talking to a lot of people about the latest Google Penalty which can effect websites that use Interstitial Ads or pop up boxes on the mobile version of their website. This penalty only effects the mobile search results and Episode 56...

One Surefire Way To Increase Your Marketing Email Open Rates.

There’s absolutely no point in sending out a regular marketing email if no one opens it. I talk to a lot of companies who spend time sending the same style email out week after week and they generate sub 5% open rates and virtually no clicks. Stop right...

Don’t Forget What You’ve Scheduled On Social Media

If you’re a business then scheduling social media posts is a must. It saves loads of time keeps you organised. I’ve written about the benefits of scheduling before and I’m a big fan of it, but… … don’t forget what you’ve scheduled! We’ve all heard about embarrassing...

If Writing Blog Posts Is Boring & Tedious, This May Help.

It's boring and tedious having to plan blog posts when blogging is not your actual job. Blogging is something you know you should be doing more of but it's hard work and you're not a writer. When I talk to companies about blogging the planning side is...