INFOGRAPHIC: An Enormous Amount Of Email Marketing Stats

Apr 6, 2017

Spam filtering & email archiving specialists EveryCloud have put together an enormous infographic bursting to the seams with email marketing stats.

If you’re a bit of a stats junky you’ll love this and even if you’re not there’s a bunch of interesting information to be gained which can help you plan your email marketing strategy.

One of the interesting stats is that 66% of people unsubscribe from marketing emails because they are not relevant to them and this is a big part of what I teach during my Email Marketing Training day. Relevance and personalisation can really improve open rates and clicks.

Mobile devices are also on top with 54% of all emails being opened on a phone and 70% of people instantly deleting an email if it doesn’t display well on smaller devices. Sending test emails to lots of different phones is a great way see if everything works correctly.

Check out the full article on the EveryCloud blog and see the infographic below…. enjoy all the stats.