Better Email Marketing Pt 5. The From Name and Address

Jun 13, 2020

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Is Email Marketing Still Relevent

Part 5

The From Name and Address

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Part 5 of the Better Email Marketing blog series looks at the From Name and Address.

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The from name and address

Far too many marketeers use the email address as the From Name, so what shows in the from column of your email software is something like or even worse

Most Email Service Providers like Mailchimp or Zoho Campaigns let you choose the email address that you send emails from so you can make the email more friendly and also let people understand who the email is from instantly.

Try and avoid the following:


These types of email addresses tend to come over as a little cold and official.

Try using an email address like:


Separate from the From Address is the From Name and most Email Service Providers will again give you the chance to choose your own name.

Creating a proper From Name that’s instantly identified can help increase open rates.

The email above says exactly who it’s from as the from field reads: ‘TNW Deals’.

The following types of from name work well:

  • Your Actual Name (perfect for freelancers & sole traders)
  • Name and Company/Job (John Smith Accountant)
  • Company Name (HSBC PLC)
  • Brand Name Department (Threads Clothing Team)
  • Descriptive Name (Threads Fashion Update)

The key is to make sure the person who receives the email knows instantly who it’s from.

If they don’t know your name then don’t use it. If they know your brand name instead of company name, then use the brand name.

Experiment with different From Names to see which works best but always remember to think from the customer or client perspective.

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