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Take your Email Marketing to the next level with this 7 day course.

Over 7 days you’ll learn all the essentials of Email Marketing including how to write great copy, build quality lists and get more engagement from your subscribers. At the end of the 7 days you’ll be able to put techniques into practise that will help to increase open rates and clicks to your website.

Each day you’ll receive an email with the course attached with each one varying in length from 600 – 1800 words. You can work though the course in your own time, you don’t have to complete one email before you get the next one and there’s no homework!

Make the most of your mailing list right now with this 7 day course delivered by email.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Day One – Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

An easy starter! We’ll look at some stats that prove Email Marketing is still relevant and take a brief look at personalising emails and what’s to come over the 7 days.

Day Two – Putting The Customer First

Think customer first. Learn how important it is to create emails that your customer really wants to read. Find out how to create customer personas and add value to the emails you send out.

Day Three – The Subject, First Line & From Name

You’ll look at three of the most important parts of your email, the subject, first line and from name. Discover how to write better subjects and attract more opens from engaging first lines and from names.

Day Four – The Style & Body Of The Email

Learn what to include in your email. Discover the essential parts of an email template, find out about power and sell words plus, how to write a great ‘Call To Action’.

Day Five – Segmenting & Personalising Your List

You’ll take a look at how to carve up your list into smaller segments so we can personalise and target specific types of subscriber. This technique can really help to increase open rates and clicks.

Day Six – Building Your List

Quality is better than quantity. Discover how to build a quality list of people that are interested in what you do. Includes 17 ways to get subscribers onto your list.

Day Seven – Measuring & Tracking Your Email Marketing

Now that we have a great looking email and have sent it out we need to know if its working. This email looks at what stats to track and how to track them, plus ways to monitor emails within Google Analytics.

How It Works

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  • Each email includes a PDF download which contains the course material.

Note: If you don’t receive any of the emails please first check your spam folder then get in touch.

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