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Latest Podcast Episodes

Understanding Customer Emotions with Chantal Cornelius

This episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast features a very ’emotional’ conversation with Chantal Cornelius, founder of Appletree Marketing, on developing deep emotional connections between companies and their clients.

Cornelius emphasises the importance of truly understanding how customers feel rather than assuming these emotions, which leads to more authentic and effective marketing strategies.

We also chat about the role of emotional marketing across different generations, the significance of actions over words in authenticity, and why many companies still fail to establish emotional connections despite having the resources.

Demystifying Backlinks: Strategies for Building Authority with Matt Harrison

In this weeks Not Another Marketing Podcast I’m chatting with Matt Harrison, Vice President of Global Operations at Next Net Media, who sheds light on the evolving landscape of backlinks in SEO.

We talk about the significance of backlinks today, contrasting outdated strategies with modern, effective approaches. Matt emphasises the importance of niche-relevant backlinks and quality content over quantity, discussing strategies like guest posting and link insertions. He also touches on the role of competition analysis and the impact of content optimisation for achieving better rankings.

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Exploring Innovative Marketing Strategies with Mona Kinal

This week on Not Another Marketing Podcast I’m chatting with Mona Kinal the CMO of G2A, the world’s largest global marketplace for digital entertainment. We’re delving into often overlooked marketing channels and strategies.

We chat about Web3 and its implications for modern marketing, emphasising out-of-the-box thinking in brand positioning and customer journey enhancement. Mona describes G2A’s brand strategy, utilising brand archetypes like ‘The Explorer’ to differentiate and engage in the digital entertainment realm.

A lot of the chat is about exploring various marketing channels beyond the conventional ones, including the effectiveness of partnerships in e-sports, education, and traditional sports sectors to broaden outreach and engagement.

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