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Buyer personas. Do they work? A chat with Jim Kraus

Welcome to another episode of Not Another Marketing Podcast and this week we have a fascinating chat lined up for you as we’re diving into the world of buyer personas.

Joining me is the President of the Buyer Persona Institute, Jim Kraus. With years of expertise in the field, Jim is here to guide us through the nuances of understanding, creating, and utilising buyer personas to enhance your marketing efforts.

What are personas? How do we start building them and can ChatGPT can help? We also talk a lot about behavioural personas and if demographic personas are dead.

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Brand conversations with Kate DiLeo

Join me for a fascinating conversation with Kate DiLeo, a renowned brand architect, #1 international bestselling author, and the visionary behind The Brand Trifecta.

Delve into the world of branding as we discuss the importance of genuine conversations with clients, contrasting it with mere one-sided communication.

We talk about branding, cringeworthy conversations, how Kate looks at content marketing in general and how to measure the results of your conversations.

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How Ai is Helping Marketing Agencies with Tim Butler

This week I’m chatting with Tim Butler a marketing professional with more than two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and consulting. He’s also the founder and CEO of marketing consultancy firm Innovation Visual.

Tim shares his thoughts on ChatGPT and Ai in general, how his team are using it, how he see’s Ai helping with customer communications and are we all going to lose our jobs!