Ecommerce Product Description Writing Training. Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff & In House

cartLearn how to write fantastic product descriptions for your online shop that convert and make your eCommerce store original and exciting.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to learn how to write great descriptions.

The training is provided with your online shop in mind and can be one to one or presented to small groups at your premises. This training usually lasts around 4 – 5 hours.

You’ll learn the following during the training

Web Copywriting

Lots of advice on writing for the web including the mobile web.

Learn how to write for your target audience

We’ll look at how to identify your ideal customer and write descriptions for them.

Creating an online persona

You’ll create an online character which you can refer to when writing for your store.

Lean how to sell benefits not features

Find out how to write about the benefits of a product instead of just its features.

Using Power or Sell words

We’ll talk about words and phrases that will help you convert better.

Product Search Engine Optimisation

Learn how to perform keyword research and write title & description tags that sell.

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation For Products

Making you aware of techniques like Product Schema, increasing page speed and a look at Advanced Mobile Pages (AMP). This section is not overly technical. The idea is to make you aware of certain techniques so you can instruct web developers to build them into your website.

The Mobile Product Page

Making sure your product page is 100% mobile friendly. Lots of advice that you can take to your developers.


I’ll also show you lots of examples of bad, good and great product descriptions so you can learn from the best and worst.

What else do you get ?

Access to my free Online SEO & Marketing manual to keep and refer to after the training has finished

Lifetime email support in case you have more questions.

How is the training presented?

How is the training presented?

Its informal. I don’t stand there with a power point presentation telling you stuff! Think of it as a big chat. I try to relate the information directly to your website and industry.

I can also present the material as a training seminar for small groups or organisations.

How long does it last?

How long does it last?

The training usually lasts around 4 hours, sometimes a little less, sometimes more.

There’s a fair bit to take in which is why you get to my online marketing manual to refer to and email support for asking any questions.

Where does the training take place?

Where does the training take place?

I can come to you or you to me. I have offices in Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff. If I come to you then I cover most of the UK including London.

Get in touch for a quote.

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