Listening to your customers brings great blogging ideas

Feb 3, 2014

Its always a good idea to listen to your customers, its how your products and services improve but you can also get some great blogging ideas by listening to their problems and solutions.

I get a lot of my ideas for blog posts from questions asked in my training sessions and it also helps me to create new sections in my SEO manual or to expand what’s already written and the chances are when your customer asks you a question there are plenty of other people around the world asking it too. So answer it, in a blog post.

Your customer has a problem

The problem/solution blog post or case study is something you probably already do but you can also get very focused and start writing about the nitty gritty little questions that get asked on the phone or around the office.

The idea for this post came about when a client told me they had problems thinking up new ideas for blog posts and I suggested they listen to their customers and make a list of ideas and I did the same 🙂

Solving problems in blog posts is one of the most powerful ways to create quality content as there’s always going to be a bunch of people who are having the same problem. It may be a simple as they can’t get the lid off the widget at the back of the vent – take some photo’s, record a video and explain how to do it.

Your customer has a solution

By listening to your customer you can find out about the ways your customers have solved problems and then write about it. They may even be using your products in a way that you never thought of or they’ve had an issue and solved it themselves. Make a note of all these solutions and turn them into quality blog posts, you could even point to some of the posts from your product pages for extra reading.

Keep a pen and paper handy or download a note taking app for your phone so whenever you hear a question write it down and you’ll quickly generate a huge list of things to write about.