Get blog post inspiration from your favourite bands

Dec 9, 2014

MusicThinking up new ideas for blog posts can be a struggle and I often stand there staring at a blank screen trying to find inspiration. A technique I sometimes use is to look at the things going on around me like TV, books I’ve read, conversations with clients and any other kind of stimulation and then try to relate this to the subject I’m blogging about. It doesn’t give me an absolute idea on what to write about but it usually fires off some thinking process that leads to a post.

Music can be a great inspiration, listen to what’s on the radio, on your phone or what you’re friends and family are listening to and get the creative juices flowing.

Here’s a few music inspired blog post styles to get you going.


Here’s a blog post that will take some time. It will be long and very technical but after its finished you’ll feel as if you’ve completed a masterpiece.

Whatever your subject matter, plan out a really long, in-depth, 1500 word article that will answer all the questions relating to a specific topic. Record some video, maybe some audio and add a few diagrams to help make your point come to life and don’t forget a couple of quiet paragraphs in the middle!


speakerThese posts will get all the hits. They won’t be long, will be easy to read and so catchy that everyone will want to share them around.

Think up something that’s really popular right now in your industry or blogging topic and write an article that’s short, sweet and very to the point. Don’t worry about being a bit controversial as this will help with the hits.

Iron Maiden

Put together a hard hitting and very strong piece of writing that will make your readers think.

Here’s your chance to be a little serious about your topic and write something that hits hard with its message and is quite opinionated. Make it loud and don’t worry too much about the length as this is a serious blog post that will strike a chord with your readers.

Kate Bush

Write something completely different. Think about what your readers expect and then do the opposite and make it a little mad or wacky.

Maybe you could write a short story, leave your readers with your favourite recipe, create some art or just write something completely off topic.

Its sometimes nice to surprise your readers and connect with them in a different way and this type of post will probably drive a lot of comments.

One Direction

Just write something crap 😉

PencilHopefully this had given you a bit of inspiration and got the creative juices flowing. This type of creative thinking won’t give you actual article ideas but it may send your mind off in a direction that stirs up some thoughts that lead to a few cracking posts.

I’m always open to new ways to inspire my blogging so feel free to leave your ideas in the comments.