Finding inspiration for blog posts & avoiding bloggers block

Sep 4, 2014

PencilDiscovering topics to blog about can be tricky and the last thing you want is to be staring at a blank page when you know you should be coming up with something exciting and inspirational.

Here’s a few Suggestions on how to find new ideas and avoid the dreaded bloggers block.

Customer Questions

Whenever your customers ask you a question write it down and use it for the basis of a new blog post. Keep a list of questions in your notepad or on your mobile phone and refer to them when you get stuck.

Answering questions and solving problems is good quality content for your blog and the search engines will love it. Remember if your customer is asking the question lots of others will be too.

Comments On Blog Posts

Another way I get ideas for posts is to look at the comments on other blogs and websites and make a list of the problems other people are having. If I see a recurring theme I write a post about it.

Keep track of your favourite blogs using Feedly, Twitter or Google+ and read articles that may be of interest to your readers…. then check out the comments and get inspired.

weatherFrom The Seasons

The time of year can give you lots of ideas for new posts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, you can look at the beginning of the year or write something around cooler/warmer months.

If you write within any area of the fashion industry then milk Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, trends and styles as much as you can!

Holidays and Special Days

You can get some great ideas for posts from holidays and special days. Not just Xmas, Valentines or Easter but Saints Days and national holidays.

There’s also a ridiculous amount of national days created by companies and organisations. Yesterday was Welsh Rarebit Day and today is National Wildlife Day. Here’s a website to find lots of weird and wonderful days that might just inspire a post or two.

calendarEditorial Calendar

Every serious blogger should have a publishing calendar to remind themselves about certain times of the year that are important to their industry or subject. Sit down every now and then and plan posts months into the future. Use the calendar to write down your ideas and when they need publishing, this way you won’t forget.

Keep your calendar in a diary, on your phone or in a Google Calendar and set some reminders giving you plenty of time to start writing.


Hopefully you’ve discovered a bunch of ways to get inspiration for new posts. You may not use them all or you may use a little bit of each one but fingers crossed you’ll never get bloggers block again.

If you have any ideas that are not listed above then mention them in the comments… the more ideas the better.

I talk to a lot of people (including myself) that have trouble finding the time to blog. Check out my post from the other day which gives a few time saving tips for busy bloggers.