Creating a blogging persona

May 19, 2014

Not all of us are blessed with the gift of wonderful creative writing and it can be hard work scribbling post after post especially if you write for different blogs with different styles. You may be a 25 year old female marketing exec responsible for lots of clients blogs and one of them could be a lads blog another a wedding blog, you’ll nail the wedding blog but the lads mag style of writing could be tricky. Its difficult to change styles quickly.

Creating blogging persona’s will help you swap between styles and write for the blogs audience.

How to create a blogging persona

The first thing to do is draw up a character sheet or just download my free sheet from here. This will include everything you need to know about your perfect reader.

When you fill in the character sheet be as descriptive as possible and describe exactly who you are targeting your blog at. The more information you include on your persona sheet the easier it will be to write for them.

Its a really good idea to create more than one persona as you’ll most probably be targeting your blog at slightly different types of people so create two or three persona sheets to make sure you’re covering all bases but not too many.

How To Write As Your Persona

This is probably the trickiest part but as with everything it will become easier the more you write.

When you start planning a new blog post have a look at your persona sheet and think about what your reader would want to get from the article. What problems do they want solving or how do they want to be entertained. Write down the points that you want to get over and then start writing.

As you’re creating the actual post keep thinking about what your ideal readers wants to hear and how they want to hear it. You may need to change your writing style slightly to get your points over.

The edit and edit once more.

Remember that the more you write the better you’ll get at it and always listen to feedback from your readers so you can target your posts better into the future. Use any feedback to change details on your persona sheet to make sure its evolving with your audience.

Questions and comments are always welcome below.


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