5 blog post ideas for ecommerce stores

Aug 12, 2015

Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration now and then, especially when you know you should be publishing a new blog post for your online store but your mind is blank. Coming up with fresh new ideas can be a chore so here are five ideas that will fill up your blog, excite your readers and hopefully generate a few new sales.

Brand Profiles

StarI’ve posted before about making the most of the brands that you sell and creating a brand profile every now and then is a great way to exploit their name to generate a few new sales. The chances are the brands you sell are older and more established than you so once a month write a blog post talking about a brand. Write about its history, use some old photo’s from the 70’s and 80’s to make your readers smile and let them know that the brand is reputable and creates quality products. Build your profile in with some discounts on the main store and have a bit of a splurge on social media and your email list.

Behind The Scenes

Giving readers an insight into the workings of your store and the people who work with you is a great way to connect with new and existing customers. If you run a bricks & mortar store then take a bunch of photo’s and show your readers how cool your shop is. Dot some products around and mention them in the post. Also take a few pictures of your staff and introduce them to your readers. If you’re online only then show the process of how your products get to the customer. Produce a video walkthrough of the stock room or packing area and explain how you manage the sales process to give great service to your customers. Ecommerce stores can sometimes feel a little sterile so giving people an insight into how you work will also humanise your store a little.

Lifestyle Article

Camera IconThis is another great once a month post. Take a bunch of your products and put them into a real life situation, photograph them and write about them. Show your readers how they can use the things you sell. If you sell homewares then dress a dining table or create a corner area of a room and show off how your products will look when they are being used. This is even easier for fashion retailers as you can hire a model, walk around town, at the beach, in a restaurant and snap away. Remember to put some text with the article and link to products on your main store. Take a look at the Sunday newspaper supplements for lifestyle article ideas.

How to use or wear something

Create videos, slideshows or image tutorials on how to use something that you sell. How to video’s are really popular as it’s so much easier to watch 3 minutes of video than read 400 words of text but don’t worry if video isn’t an option for you as slideshows and image walkthroughs work almost as well. Pick a product and show people how to use it. Put it into a real life situation and demonstrate its features and benefits. This doesn’t just have to be practical items, if you are a fashion retailer you can show off different ways to wear an item and create a full look. Always remember to mention the products you’re talking about, the price and provide a link back to the store page so people can buy it.

Create a gift idea list

ClipboardEveryone loves a good list especially when it helps us with inspiration for gifts so every now and then create a list for a specific person. It could be for a husband, wife, young/teenage boy/girl, mother, father, aunt…. the list is endless. I think we’ve all sat there trying to think about a birthday or Xmas present idea for someone and the mind is blank so put ideas into your customer’s head and you’ll hopefully generate a few extra sales.


Filling a blog can be hard work and there’s no point just ‘knocking out a blog post’. You need to make sure that what you write is helpful or informative. I hope these ideas will help you to create some great posts, promote your store and generate a few new sales. If you are interested in any blogging or product writing training to help you create a better performing website then don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask questions.