In House Advanced SEO Training. UK Wide & In Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff

Designed for marketeers, web designers and developers. Learn techniques that take your website to the next level.

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Designed for marketeers, web designers and developers.

This one day training session is designed for anyone who already knows the basics of Search Engine Optimisation but want to take things to the next level and learn more advanced techniques.

We’ll cover topics like Structured Data, HTTPSCanonicalisation, Advanced Content Creation, improving Page Speed and a lot more.

I also provide ongoing email support, and you will receive a certificate of attendance to add to your personal development folder.

The session lasts around four – five hours and can be delivered one-to-one or to large groups anywhere in the UK. The training itself is informal and I’ve use examples that relate to your industry where possible.

You’ll Learn The Following During My Advanced SEO Training Day

Advanced content creation

Learn a few advanced techniques to make your content go further. We’ll talk about different types of content that work best in the search engines. There’s also an interesting section on local landing pages and sticking to content topics.

Structured data

Discover how to explain your website to Google so it understands more of your content. We’ll look at various ways to mark up your content and get rich snippets in the search listings.

Advanced keyword research

We’ll look at a number of different ways to discover new keywords and phrases including monitoring them in Google Search Console. There’s also an introduction to Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords which will help you to write the content the people search for.


Understanding why HTTPS is important and how to make sure the move from HTTP works well. This section also looks at the changes you’l need to make within Google Search Console and Analytics.

301 Redirects

An in-depth look at how to use then and more importantly when to use them.

404 strategy

What do you do with all those old pages that don’t mean anything anymore. We’ll talk about putting a 404 Not Found strategy in place and look at ways to make your 404 pages user friendly.

Canonicalisation (the canonical URL)

A good look at the importance of the canonical URL especially in ecommerce websites. Learn how to create then and when to use them.


Learn how to deal with multi language websites and let the search engines know which page is for which country.

Dealing with multiple pages (pagination)

There are a few things we can do to help Google understand pagination on your website. We’ll look at how to implement the markup.

Improving page speed & AMP Pages

Lots of tips, advice and best practice on how to improve the speed of your pages especially on mobile. There’s also a section on implementing Advanced Mobile Pages (AMP).

Mobile optimisation

Its not just about being responsive. We’ll look at many ways to make your website mobile friendly including working with media queries.

Advanced link building & what to do when it goes wrong

Learn about competitor link analysis, getting mentions and citations and working with No Follow tags. There’s also a section on dealing with Penguin penalties and creating a Disavow file.


LinkedIn SEO Training Testimonial

After receiving three days of training by Jon on understanding google search console, google analytics and how to create relevant content for our website we are now confident as a team to take things in our own hands and handle our own SEO in house.

We found all information provided by Jon easy to digest (as you can understand how technical things can be in regards to SEO) – Would highly recommend the training courses Jon offers to everyone that wants to have a clear understanding of SEO.

Mohammed Ahmed

Kangs Criminal Defense Solicitors

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