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I’ve spent over 20 years building websites and designing marketing campaigns and have called on all this experience to help businesses of any size make their website better.

I hope this course will get you thinking in a different way about your content and website visitors which in turn will improve sales, leads or the goal of whatever your website does.

You’ll have access to a huge number of PDFs, video tutorials and podcasts to help you make your website better.

You don’t need any web desgin skills for this course. The goal is to give you the knowledge so you can do some of the work yourself and know what to ask of your web developers.

You can see all the topics covered in the course below.

Why only £5?

Over the years I’ve found that the websites that need the most help usually belong to the smallest companies, youngest freelancers and newest startups. In other words the people with the least amount of money. I don’t think this is fair.

Whatever your budget this course will offer tips and advice that will make your website better.

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Topics included in the course

Thinking about the user.

Keyword research.

Searcher Intent.

Your website content.

Power and sell words.

The title tag.

META Description tag.

Image ALT tag.

Paragraph headings.

Dealing with images.

Using video.

Call to action buttons.

Your main web pages.

Category & listing pages.

Navigation menu.

Internal search.

Website forms.

Website speed.

Being mobile friendly.

Local websites.

Pop up boxes.

Website hosting.

Tools of the trade.

Web page check list.