Video is becoming more and more important on the web with almost everyone having access to video cameras on their phones or laptops. Use video to help sell you products or services, it can be a really good tool to help create confidence in you and your products. If clients see you and they like you they will want to buy from you!

Creating the video can take a while, but its worth it! Use the camera on your phone, a webcam or even the camera in your laptop. It can be a strange thing to do at first especially if you’re recording yourself but once its done you have the content forever and can list it on YouTube and embed it directly into your website or blog. Windows Movie Maker is good enough to edit your work and that comes free with Windows! That should be all the tools you need!

Here’s a few ideas on what to record:

  • A video walk through of your shop or office.
  • Create tutorials and how to videos for your products and services. Share these on your blog, facebook and twitter.
  • Record product demonstrations from yourself or sales reps.
  • Record customer testimonials.
  • Show videos of your customers using your products or services.

The list is endless but remember the goal is to increase confidence in you and your products and also to make yourself stand out a little in the crowd.

Let me know how you get on and send over some YouTube links!