I had a call the other weekend from a client who was having a lot of trouble installing new accounts software on their PC and needed help. The software was from a Global company, a huge accounts company but the software support guys really didn’t want to help, which is a big problem in the IT support sector…but that’s another story!

The problem was that when they tried to install the new software the installer reported a whole load of DLL’s missing from Windows and refused to complete the install so the suggestion from the software support guys was to format the hard drive, reload Windows and start again……….WTF!! That should be LAST RESORT!

The client called me in and I had a look. I ran a full virus check, just in case, and it came back clean. I ran a repair install of Windows XP and updated it to the latest service packs and fully patched it, still wouldn’t install so I tried to install the software on an old XP machine I have in the office and surprise, it didn’t install – same errors! Just for good luck I tried it on another XP machine and still had the same problems – its NOT the computers its a dodgy copy of the software.

The client went back to the accounts company with the evidence and they again told them it couldn’t be the software it had to be the PC’s – all 3 of them!

After 3 more days of emails and phone calls they decided to sent out a new copy of the software and would you believe it – it installed first time!

So the moral of the story is don’t let software support guys tell you to wipe and reinstall Windows until you are ABSOLUTELY sure nothing else can be done.