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Here’s this weeks tips….

1. Don’t worry about which separator you use in your title tag. – | :: are all OK.

2. Write down the different types of content you can create. Video, audio, infographics etc. It helps speed up & inspire creation

3. Blog idea. Post a Q & A with an influencer within your company or industry.

4. Write down every single idea you have. Some may be rubbish. Others may be turned into something brilliant.

5. Check back links on a monthly basis. Visit every one to make sure its good quality. Say thanks if someone’s linked to you

6. Revisit your social media profiles every 3 – 6 months. Things change & what you wrote 6 months ago may not be relevant.

7. Interactive content is very popular & engaging. Create surveys, quizzes & content people interact with.

8. Listening on social media is just as important as broadcasting. Set up custom searches, monitor & reply to questions.

9. The first line of a Facebook post is important. Attention span is now 8 seconds. Make the first line count.

10. Avoid automated direct messages on Twitter. People can tell is not you & it can look like spam.