We’ve all seen the little icons littered around the Internet begging you to like and share just about everything, but what are they and how do you get them?

Social Media Icons

The world of social bookmarking is huge. There are 100’s of websites that people belong to that store and share web pages and links. Facebook, Twitter and Myspace are about the biggest. By placing these small bookmarking icons on your website it gives your visitors an easy way to share your content with their friends or store pages for reading later.

If your pages get shared to one person then they may share it to another and so on…..

Two free services that offer easy social bookmarking for your website are AddThis and ShareThis. They both offer pretty much the same service giving you some easy copy and paste code to insert into your website. The share buttons automatically appear and they both include a feature where your visitors can email your pages to a friend – really useful.

They also offer statistics so you can see which pages have been shared to which services – a great way of tracking which are popular pages.

Try it about and let me know how it goes for you.