The new EU cookie law which is part of the EU privacy directive has come into force in the UK and confused just about everyone with a website!

The chances are your website is leaving cookies behind. If you use visitor tracking apps like Google Analytics , display adverts or have social networking buttons on your site then you will be dropping cookies.

For most websites it will only mean you have to make it obvious to all your visitors what cookies are dropped and give them the chance to accept them. Hiding your cookie policy at the bottom of the page or in a privacy policy is not good enough any more – the powers that be say you can’t asume your visitor has read your cookie policy but implied consent is OK as long as its very obvious. So you can say:

By continuing to use this website you agree to our cookie policy

With a link to the policy included in the sentence.

What we’ve done to make this absolutely obvious to all visitors is create a new cookie policy page and set up a small script to put a bar at the top of all pages – click accept and you don’t see the bar on future visits (it drops a cookie!). It also has a link to our cookie policy which explains in plain English what the cookies on our site do.

If you’d like a cookie compliance system like ours together with a cookie audit then read on.

We’ll find out what cookies are being dropped by your website, write a cookie policy, host and customise the top bar script for you and either install it all on your website or give you the bits to do it yourself.

The cost is £29 for pretty much all websites, blogs and shopping sites – larger more complicated websites will cost more.

If you want a chat about the new cookie laws then get in touch.