We’ve just launched a new day rate for our IT Support where you can have be all day as your IT person. The main reason for launching the new rate is that we’ve been doing quite a bit of one day jobs recently so it makes sense to have a fixed fee for the day.

Here’s a few reasons why you might want me for the day:

  • You have a bunch of PC’s and want to make sure that they are all virus free and your staff are safe and secure online. We can spend the day virus checking, cleaning and installing anti virus software for you.
  • A member of staff has set up a blog and you want it looking top notch. I can work with your web person to make sure the blog is set up correctly and SEO friendly.
  • You are moving office and want data backing up and computers reconnecting at the other end.
  • You need the company website updated, refreshed and cleaned up a bit. We’ll work with you to get things looking exactly how you want them.

If you’ve not got the budget for a full time IT person then get things done when you need them done.

Our day rate is £100 plus travel and expenses. If possible we use the train to keep costs down – especially parking costs!!!

Contact me if you’d like to find out more.