Its a common question and to be honest its one that’s quite easy to answer!

As a business you come into contact with people all day long, they buy things from you, enquire about your prices and services and fill in your forms. These are all excellent opportunities to ask for their email address. Remember that in the UK you have to ask to send email and also provide an easy way for people to unsubscribe from your list. Here’s 5 great ways to generate more email addresses for your newsletter:

  • Have a tick box on the contact form of your website.
  • Create a page on your website to sell your newsletter and get more subscribers.
  • Every now and then mention your newsletter on Facebook & Twitter, point them to a sign up page.
  • If you use paper order forms or anything that a customer has to fill in, have a spot for your customers to write down their email address.
  • Run a competition where your visitors sign up to your newsletter to be entered into a prize draw.

Go forth and collect and remember to offer good content in your newsletter, this way it may get forwarded and shared around.

Leave a comment if you have other ways to generate subscribers.