I’ve mentioned before about how important page speed is becoming – all the search engines, especially Google are putting faster sites further up the rankings so here’s a few tools to help you improve your speed.

Google Webmaster Tools – Under the labs section of the main menu webmaster tools offers a site performance section which shows how quick your site loads over time – it also lets you know average speeds. Its really useful and if you sign up you’ll also get a bunch of other tools to help optimise your site.

Page Speed Online – Developed by Google this is probably the easiest way to get ideas on how to speed up your site. Nip along, stick in your URL and it will check your site against a whole bunch of rules and offer suggestions on how to speed things up.

Google Chrome Browser Plugin – Its a bit faffy to install but will let you test page speed directly from your browser. Worth it if you do a lot of work on your site but can be tricky to install as it uses some experimental features of the browser.

Enjoy the tools and speeding up your sites, remember you have to run these tools on each page of your site to check performance but some coding changes you make will effect the whole site – enjoy.