As its Halloween I thought a day of scary SEO tips on Twitter and Facebook was in order and I’ve just finished posting all 10 tips.

If you missed them here’s a recap. Don’t try them on your website….. it may bring scary results!

  1. Fit at least 10 keywords into your title tag & 20 into your Description.
  2. Whenever you come across a blog leave your web link in the comments….twice!
  3. At the end of your page place 100 keywords in the same colour as your background so they are invisible.
  4. Set aside a very large budget to buy as many links as possible.
  5. Try to fit as many keywords as possible into your keyword tag.
  6. Pay for your article to appear on at least 1000 blogs all linking back to you.
  7. Build as many links as you can, as fast as you can from ANYWHERE!
  8. Make a list of 50 forums and post your link in each one every day.
  9. Make sure you get the same 5 keywords 10 times into every page.
  10. Make sure the title tag of every page reads ‘Home Page’.

There you go, 10 scary SEO tips for Halloween…. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Only try them on your website if you want scary results!