Don’t ever think your done! Just as you revisit your products and services you should take a regular look at your web pages and do some tweaking….but just tweaking.

Its always a good idea to update your pages on a regular basis, things change, features are added and you need to reflect this on your web pages but be careful you don’t change things too much, you may be ranking well for certain searches so you wouldn’t want to remove that content.

Here’s a few reasons why its a good idea to look at your pages on a regular basis:

  • Features and specifications change, keep your products & services up to date.
  • New staff join, get them listed on your site. New arrivals are also good for a blog post.
  • New products/services are added, make sure they are online.
  • Check your speeling again. You’ll be surprised what you may find 😉
  • Slot in some new testimonials.
  • Add some short case studies.

I try to revisit every page on my website at least every six months so that I can make sure things are up to date. My SEO & Marketing training manual gets tweaked ever few weeks so I need to make sure I reflect any changes on my website.

Keep tweaking, keep the information on your website up to date and it can only help you with your search rankings.

Remember Google wants to display the latest, most informative and up to date information to its searchers so make sure you give the big Gee what it wants!