As we’ve found out in the news over the last month or soour phone now knows where we are even if the GPS is turned off so when you perform a search on your phones browser the chances are your going to get local results.

But its not just searches on mobile devices. Lots of searchers use local towns and cities when looking for a service or product. Plumber in Gateshead, Accountant in Shrewsbury or Pizza in Bristol. These are your customers so make sure you target your local area

Here’s some great places to get listed for local search:

Google Places
Create yourself a profile for your business. Add photos, opening hours, product information and use this free profile to drive customers to your website. Google offers you lots of free tools to track keywords and visitor stats so fill your profile in now and start driving local traffic.

Bing Business Portal (US)
Not to be out done by the big G, Microsoft Bing has launched a similar service called Bing Business Portal. Like Google Places it gives you the chance to build a free profile including images, opening hours and a nice description for the services you offer. Make sure you get yourself a profile – I would imagine in the future this service will be built into all new Windows smart phones to provide them with local search results.

BT Tradespace (UK)
A good place to get another business profile and link back to your website. BT also gives you the chance to sell products and services. Definitely worth a look.

There are loads of online directories covering just about every town and city in the world so fire up your browser and search for *your town* directory and get listed.

As more and more smart phones and location aware devices are sold the more popular local search will become so don’t miss out and get optimising your site for your area (new page if needed) and get yourself a few free business profiles.