Over years of talking to clients during training sessions there have been a lot of questions about the amount of content on product or service pages. How much is the right amount and can I keep adding to my existing pages?

Keeping your pages up to date is really important but to keep adding lots and lots of content can make the page become unreadable to humans, most of us like to skim read and then dig deeper if we’re interested.

If you want to write a lot about your products and services then add a Blog to your website and write to your hearts content but remember to make sure to add some actual value.

  • Write in depth about specific benefits.
  • Provide How To’s.
  • Answer questions.

Creating content and keeping your website active is good for your customers and at the same time good for the search engines as they want to provide the latest, most accurate information to their searchers. You provide it, they’ll list it….hopefully!

Make sure you also tell all your customers about these blog posts as they may want to join in the conversation by leaving comments and asking further questions. All this leads to an active site.

Use your product pages to explain the main details and use sub pages to explain specific features but use your blog to dig deeper into each feature, offer benefits and answer questions.

With time you’ll be able to build up a fantastic resource for your products/services and become an expert in your field which should then generate more leads and customers.